We love the forest and everything that lives in it

Wild-harvested, traceable rainforest products

The Wild Bunch' Mission

Our mission is to halt tropical deforestation and keep the forest wild.

We support farmers to sustainably produce high quality, wild harvested, non-timber rainforest products, from existing forests and without harming the forest. By increasing sales of these products, we simultaneously increase the value of the forest and empower the forest inhabitants to keep protecting it.

The world’s forests are providing us with oxygen, water, food, medicine, materials, electricity and more; all essential for humans to survive on this planet. It is our very source of life. We believe human kind should do everything in its' power to stop deforestation, rather today then tomorrow.

Forests can produce up to five times more produce than monoculture plantations, without producing any waste. That’s why we believe the answer to how to feed the world lies in shifting from monoculture agriculture systems to forest-based production systems. We need to reestablish the link between nature and what we consume.
This is the basis on which The Wild Bunch is created."

Join us and become part of the solution!

Foolish Facts...

Every second, a football field of rainforest is disappearing, and another is significantly degraded.

Deforestation and forest degradation accounts for 12-29% of global greenhouse gas emissions.

We are losing 135 plant, animal and insect species every day (or some 50,000 species a year), as the forest disappears..

Our Goals:

Full Traceability

We aim for full traceability and full supply chain transparency for all our products

Wild Harvested

All our products are sustainably harvested from wild forests and therefore naturally organic

Fairly Traded

We pay the farmers a fair and fixed share of the sales price, resulting in prices up to 200% from standard rates

Where we work: