Our approach                                                               

Let us introduce you to our transformational, holistic and inclusive approach towards forest conservation:

1. Conserving the forest
Any cooperative, village or other type of organization that legally owns, manages or administers a forest area can apply to join The Wild Bunch. The first step involves the organization to guarantee zero deforestation and no selling of their land for an upfront agreed period of time. In return for this, the organization receives a fair compensation, that can be used to invest in public services such as electricity production, village-based product manufacturing capacity, phone or internet network or other infrastructure or services, whatever is needed most in the particular area. We subsequently map the forest area for traceability and land-security purposes.

2. Providing efficient processing technology
We establish which forest products have the most potential for the specific area. The Wild Bunch selects, designs and installs the appropriate production equipment to manufacture the products and provides the organization with the training to operate and maintain the machinery. The organization usually takes care of the first part of the production process. The semi-finished products are then transported to more centralized production locations, where they are prepared for export or direct sales.

3. Distribution and sales
The Wild Bunch sells the rainforest products both locally and abroad. Each farmer gets the same fair and fixed percentage of the sales price of the products. The Wild Bunch sells directly to manufacturers and consumers, to maximize the financial benefit for the farmers as well as the financial incentive to conserve the forest.

Throughout the process, we use Provenance technology to secure full traceability of the products and full transparency in the supply chain, from tree to treat.

UN Sustainable Development goals
Please read below how The Wild Bunch' approach contributes to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Sustainable development goals and how The Wild Bunch contribute to them:

1: No Poverty – By increasing farmers’ income and by supporting them to gain legal ownership over their assets and actively increasing the value of their assets by promoting sustainable wild harvested forest products.

2: Zero hunger – Forests produce food all year round. By protecting the forest, we also protect the food security that it provides to the community (try eating pure palm oil..)

3: Good health and well-being – The food the forest provides is much healthier than it’s processed substitutes.. Consuming more forest products like low GI Rainforest sugar and fruits are part of a much healthier diet compared to processed food.

4: Quality Education – We train farmers to become producers of our high quality products and strive to support the farmers with scholarships for their children.

5: Gender equality – Both men and women are already involved in harvesting the forest products, and we aim to provide financial literacy and other trainings to both men and women involved in the project.

6: Clean water and sanitation – The rainforest is the source of clean drinking water. By protecting the forest, we directly protect the source of drinking water. Furthermore, evaporating Arenga tree juice not only produces sugar, but also nearly 7 liters distilled drinking water per 8 liters of juice processed.

7: Affordable and clean energy – The Wild Bunch plans to install mini hydro plants in the rivers that spring from the forest to power our production units. After work hours, the community in these often off-grid locations will be able to use this clean energy in their houses. By protecting the forest, we also directly protect this energy source.

8: Decent work and economic growth – Most people we work with are farmers of rice, rubber and/or palm oil. These are decent jobs but unfortunately, because of non-fair and non-transparent supply chains, they do not provide much opportunity for economic growth. Furthermore we can reduce the workload of the farmers and make the work lighter by providing access to more efficient production equipment and other technologies.

9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure – The Wild Bunch provides access to innovations which make the production processes more efficient, and innovative storage systems, so farmers can benefit from steady prices, independent from the seasons.

10: Reduced inequalities – We reduce inequality by providing the farmers with access to proper financial services at comparable rates through our partners, by empowering the farmers through a transparent supply chain and by not excluding anyone from supplying to us.

11: Sustainable cities and communities – We believe communities that live near forests can live completely off-grid, providing in their own daily need for electricity, drinking water, food, medicine, building materials and more.

12: Responsible consumption and production – All the products we promote are sustainably harvested from wild forests, without damaging the forests, and are processed as little and efficient as possible, using only renewable energy and aiming for zero waste. Promoting the harvesting of these products also promotes these products for own consumption.

13: Climate action – Protecting the forests equals protecting the climate regulator and reducing deforestation equals reducing emissions from the largest contributor of greenhouse gas emissions.

14: Life below water – Replacing forests with (monoculture) plantations, decreases the ability of the soil to store the water, resulting in floods and draughts, which also has a negative effect on the life below water. Furthermore the excessive use of chemical fertilizer and pesticides, herbicides and other chemicals in (monoculture) plantations, results in severe pollution of the water in rivers and severe acidification of the oceans further downstream. Sustainable forest production systems do not have these negative downstream effects but only produce clean drinking water, therefore significantly contributing to better downstream water quality.

15: Life on land – The rainforest is the home to an extensive amount of biodiversity, which will be preserved as long as the forest, their home, will be preserved, therefore significantly contributing to the conservation of life on land.

16: Peace, justice and strong institutions – Transparency and traceability in the supply chain will increase justice as the farmers get a fair price for their products. We also work with the communities to obtain legal status for their land and their forest, amongst others by mapping their land and supporting cultural activities (in most cases communities can only get legal rights if they can prove the community still lives according to traditional culture), in order to protect their land and their forests and thereby preventing conflicts and ensure justice.

17: Partnerships for the goals – Meet some of the partners in our network here. Join The Wild Bunch' Mission by contacting us here, so that together we can make world-changing, long-lasting impact!