Meet the team

Theo Smits


Theo is an all-round senior technical innovation, lean factory design, mechanical engineering and sales expert with 40+ years working experience, of which 11 in Indonesia.

Alexandra Vosmaer

Marketing & CSR

Alexandra is a product designer with over 6 years working experience in Indonesia in the field of orangutan conservation, communication, capacity building and fundraising

Dirk-Jan Oudshoorn


Dirk-Jan is a technology management engineer with over 6 years working experience in Indonesia in operations management in the sustainability sector in Sulawesi and Kalimantan.

Dominique Lecossois

Advisor Retail

Dominique is distinguished fellow Global Asia at INSEAD and has over 30 years of retail experience in Asia and emerging Markets. He was Executive Vice-President for Carrefour Asia creating from scratch its business in Taiwan, China, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Korea and Indonesia

Wina Andreini

Advisor Digital & Policy

Indonesian professional with 12 years strategic, business development and IT consulting experience, INSEAD Global Executive MBA graduate.