Our Network Our partners in making positive impact that lasts

Insead Business School

Insead, the Business School for the World has been our key partner to form our strategy. Distinguished fellow Mr. Dominique Lecossois and Associate Professor of Technology and Operations Management Mr. Sameer Hasija have been key to this process and have developed a case study about our business. We are in continuous communication with Insead professors and alumni to keep our approach simple and effective.

Credit Union Keling Kumang

Credit Union Keling Kumang (CUKK) is our operational partner in West Kalimantan. CUKK has a network of over 165.000 members of which most are farmers, and 62 offices spread out over the province. We have recently signed an MOU to reach out to many more farmers, so they can also make a decent income directly from the existing forest, without harming the forest. Furthermore, as part of the MOU, CUKK has declared it will no longer issue any loans to farmers who want to clear land in forest areas to set up monoculture plantations such as palm oil. Instead, CUKK will promote production of organic rainforest products and organic products produced in agroforestry systems. Who knows they might be the first bank in the world to do so..


Provenance is our technology partner to provide our customers with more transparency and traceability.

Provenance' philosophy:

"Every day we buy products that impact our planet. Opaque supply chains are devastating environments and compromising the wellbeing of people, animals and communities. Every product and business is different, but rarely do we have the information we need to make positive choices about what to buy.

Provenance is a platform that empowers brands to take steps toward greater transparency by tracing the origins and histories of products."