The Wild Bunch News

Illipe Nut season!

It's that time of the year! It has been a while (three years to be eaxct) since the last large illipe nut season. We work directly with the illipe nut collectors and have contracted over 500 farmers in 20 villages, all accross the province of West Kalimantan. One harvest provides one family the equivalent of 5 months income, in just one month time. It's hard work, but definitely worth it! This income boost provides farmers with the opportunity to make investments without having to take a loan. We see examples of people using it for buying solar panels, house repairs or school tuition fees. In one village people even stopped their gold mining activities and switch to collecting illipe nut instead!

The season is almost over, so make sure you notify us this March 2019 about your need for the next three years, so we can secure supply for you. Please contact us here.

Interview with our CEO in this article by Computer Weekly

Our CEO Dirk-Jan Oudshoorn was recently interviewed about the role of blockchain to support conservation work. “We want to make it more effective for the farmers to produce products that are wild-harvested from the forest,” says chief executive Dirk-Jan Oudshoorn. “That’s why we want to make it completely traceable so we can cut out the middleman, follow the journey and see what the costs are and where.” Consumers will benefit from seeing that a fair price is paid and that their purchases directly contribute to forest conservation. For the full text click here

Interview with our CTO in this blog from Grow Asia

Last July, our CTO Theo Smits joined as a panellist during the webinar from Grow Asia to discuss learnings from the first comprehensive South East Asia study of the Arenga and Coconut sugar sector. The report commissioned by Grow Asia and written by Ananda Partners matches the latest global market trends and data with an in-depth analysis of the value chains in Indonesia, The Philippines, and Cambodia. For the full text click here.

New partnerships as our network keeps expanding

We have some exciting new partnerships to announce! Check them out on the new 'Network' section on our website. Would you also like to join our network, or do you have suggestions for collaboration? Then please contact us here.

First pilot for forest mapping completed

Last week we completed our first pilot for forest mapping, with the help of the mapping team from Credit Union Keling Kumang in Sintang. For this first pilot, an area of 250 hectares was mapped. The first area we mapped was the location where we source our Rainforest sugar. The mapping data gives us useful information about the location of the trees, which helps us in planning logistics, production, verification and certification. It also gives us an idea of various different crops that can be harvested from the same forest area and in what production capacity. This in return helps us to plan the production of new rainforest products that can be introduced to the worldwide market, so we can further increase the value of the forest, and thus increase the incentive to protect the forest forever.

Our next target is to map 10.000 hectares of rainforest. Will you join us to reach this target? Then contact us here!

Flying route of the mapping drone

           Example picture of the mapped area

The Wild Bunch wins impact venture token from Fronteer

We are proud and happy to announce that Babke Hogenhuis and Frédérique Molenbeek, both strategists from strategic consultant Fronteer in Amsterdam, have pitched our company for this season's impact venture token, and won! This means all Fronteer strategists will spend four hours working on our project, including a co-creation session with Fronteer strategists and 4 external experts, in three times 4 hours, that our team will join as well. The focus of their work will be to help us develop from idealistic initiative to mainstream momentum, by refining our story, valitadating our business model, indentiying possible partnerships and shared value, developing a clear positioning and providing us with a roadmap. We are very excited about this great opportunity and look forward to working with Fronteer! Big thanks to Fronteer, and especially to Babke and Frédérique, for making this possible!