Illipe Butter (Shorea Stenoptera Butter)

Illipe butter (or tengkawang fat) is made from the nuts of the endangered Shorea Stenoptera tree, which only grows in the forests of Borneo. When ripe these large nuts fall to the forest floor, where they are harvested by hand before being boiled to soften the hard shell. Once opened and sterilized the seeds are sun dried for several days before being brought to our community based, zero waste processing unit. Here the seeds are processed through simple oil presses and vacuum filtered to obtain a pure, raw product. The butter is traditionally used e.g. to moisturize the skin, to heal sores and sunburn and as a flavour enhancer for traditional dishes.

We offer 100% traceable illipe butter in two qualities: Crude illipe butter as well as de-colourised, triple filtered illipe butter. Our innovative storage system allows us to offer guaranteed supply, even in years when there is no illipe nut harvest.

Ethical Product

By purchasing this product you are helping to protect the endangered Shorea Stenoptera tree. Your purchase contributes directly to the livelihood and welfare of the original inhabitants, the Dayak people who depend deeply on these virgin rainforests, but which are disappearing at an unprecedented rate. We offer guaranteed fixed prices throughout the season, in order to increase the value of the forest, so the Dayak people can continue to live in and protect their forests. We offer full traceability for our illipe butter. We estimate that for each 10 MT of illipe butter purchased, you directly contribute to the conservation of an area of approximately 35.000 hectares of rainforest.

WildLinks offers illipe butter in bulk as well in single buckets of 19 kgs. Contact us here for more information and sales.  

Advantages of Illipe Butter

Great for making soap, face masks, body lotions, lip and body balms, lipstick, sunscreen & more
Prevents drying of the skin which leads to the development of wrinkles
Reduces degeneration of skin cells and restores skin flexibility and elasticity
Illipe butter has a slightly higher melting point compared to the chemically similar cocoa or shea butter
Its long-lasting skin softening and moisturizing properties help repair chronically dry/cracked skin
Protects against UV-A and UV-B rays, illipe in used in sun protecting products and against sunburn
Helps against premature ageing of the skin
Heals sores and mouth ulcers as well as dry and damaged hair


What product formulators said:

" The Illipe butter is wonderful. It is the key ingredient in my lip balms and a staple in many of my products as it gives them a great consistency with a higher melting point that I simply can't obtain with any other butter. "

" I took one of my clients, a soap maker, about 3 lbs of the Crude Illipe, she fell in love with the scent!!!! "

" The illipe butter works great in my soap. Now I am expanding its uses to other skin care products like lip balm and face mask! "

Illipe nut that fell from the tree

Farmers harvesting illipe nuts

Illipe nuts and illipe butter

Technical Specifications*

AppearanceYellow solid butter
OdourNut like odour
Shelf lifeMinimum 36 months when stored properly
Proxide Value7.55 meq. act O2/kg (Max 10.0)
Acid Value11.0 mg/KOH (Max 12.0)
Iodine Value33.2 g l/100gr (Range 30.0 - 45.0)
Saponification Value191.5 mg KOH/g (Range 180.0 - 200.0)
Relative Density (40/40 C)0.8995 (Range 0.895 - 0.905)
Refractive Index nD401.4562 (Range 1.453-1.459)
Slip Melting Point35.3 C (Range 30.5 - 37.5 C)

* All of the test results above are based on testing our crude illipe butter

Fatty Acid Profile*

Myristic Acid (C14:0)< 0.1 %
Palmitic Acid (C16:0)18.8 % (Range 14.0 - 22.0 %)
Palmitoeic Acid (C16:1)< 0.1 %
Stearic Acid (C18:0)42.9 % (Range 36,0 - 50.0 %)
Oleic Acid (C18:1)33.9 % (Range 30.0 - 42.0 %)
Linoleic Acid (C18:2)1.4 % (Max 6.0 %)
Linolenic Acid (C18:3)0.4 %

* All of the test results above are based on testing our crude illipe butter

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