Arenga Rainforest Sugar

Arenga Rainforest Sugar is a creamy, dark brown sugar with delicious caramel aftertaste. This sugar is produced from pure sugary juice that is tapped from the flower stalk of an Arenga tree through evaporation, cooking, and dehydration. This sugar, till date, is hand crafted and is an artisanal product. Arenga sugar is a diabetic-friendly and healthier alternative sweetener to white cane sugar. Its low glycemic index (GI) is almost half that of white sugar and honey. This ‘superfood’ contains 50 times more minerals than white sugar, three times more potassium than bananas, and vitamin C and B12.

Suggested Uses
Arenga Rainforest Sugar has been part of Indonesian's staple diet for centuries. It is commonly used in many recipes in the Asian kitchen and is an excellent sweetener to use in hot drinks such as coffee and tea, to bake pastries or to give an exotic touch to your cocktail.

Ethical product
By buying this product you directly contribute to rainforest conservation. In West Kalimantan alone, we can help at least 2340 farmers with a sustainable daily income, straight from their existing forest, from trees that are ready to be cultivated. Only 5 Arenga are sufficient to provide the farmers' family with their basic needs.
The Arenga tree is evergreen and is particularly useful as a source of food during the dry season. It grows very well among larger trees in diverse rainforest ecosystems. The trees thrives in hilly and undulating terrains courtesy its deep roots. This feature also renders watering or fertilizing the trees by humans unnecessary. An advantage of harvesting Arenga trees is the restoration impact on rainforests. Regular harvesting improves growth of the trees, improves forest floors’ecosystem, provides diet for wildlife, maintains forests’biodiversity and is of high conservation value.

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Advantages of Rainforest Sugar

Buy sugar and conserve the rainforest (1 kg sugar monthly = 32 m2 of rainforest!)
Suitable for diabetics because of its' low glycemic index
Directly contributes to biodiversity conservation
Providing farmers with a continuous income, 365 days a year
Delicious, unique taste
Lowest price markup through integrated supply chain

Some aren palm trees in the forest

A sugar tapper high up in the tree

Supar tapper just after harvesting juice in this tube made from bamboo

Nutritional value per 100 gr

Energy383.4 Kcal
Other Sugars0.6 gr
Total Fat0.2 gr
Protein2.5 gr
Fibers1.1 gr
Vitamin C13.2 mg
Vitamin B12

1.12 µg*

Calcium3.3 mg
Magnesium36.7 mg
Phosphate0.7 mg
Potassium760.0 mg
Sodium4.1 mg
Iron0.9 mg
Zinc0.2 mg

* it is believed that the presence of Vit B12 is caused by the presence of yeast in the sugary juice

Technical Specifications

AppearanceDark brown crystal (granule) sugar
Maximum particle size1.5 mm (mesh18/A-Grade)
TasteSweet caramel like flavour
Shelf lifeFor formality 36 months after production

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